Rewind / about
REWIND was born from the desire of Patrizia Puliti and Paolo Corraddossi to use their experience in the optical industry to give birth to a new adventure, made of personal knowledge, memories, travels, events and episodes of shared life.
"Rewind is like rewinding the tape of our life" - it is from this reflection that the name was born.the idea for this new project, whose inspiration comes exactly from the idea of rewinding that temporal tape that runs through the life of each of us, and brings in the present memories that will live also in the future.

Strengthened by 35 years of experience, both in the field of eyewear production and in the research and development of independent eyewear brands, the impetus for the birth of Rewind also comes from the place of their first meeting, which took place in the early '90s, at Italian Style, an eyewear company based in Florence, which is still remembered today for its important contribution to the optical sector in those years.

The glossy images, colorful memories, fascination, and seduction for a period rich in cultural and design content now serve as the foundation for Rewind—an experience intended to be revisited and reinterpreted according to one's personal vision.

With the establishment of Florence Distribution in 2013, Patrizia and Paolo embarked on their independent journey in the international eyewear industry, starting from their hometown of Florence. Rewind symbolizes the natural evolution of that longstanding collaboration, renewing an enthusiasm for life's adventures that has never waned.